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I’ve known Karla Linn Merrifield’s always-surprising writing for decades. She is a passionate and romantic poet, but knows how tragic our lives can be, and knows that we’re at an ecological tipping point. Her voice can be austere as she “wields” her poems, and can be tender and understanding as we face our common fears. She is an indefatigable world- and word-traveler who helps us to hope.

~William Heyen, romantic poet and author of 40 books, National Book Award finalist

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Romantic Poetry

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Within “Music Muse,” you can click on links to watch my series of podcast episodes, My Body the Guitar, created in collaboration with British guitarist Paul Garthwaite. Each podcast episode features a poem from my book by the same title, which will be released in December from the Rochester-based publisher, Before Your Quiet Eyes Holograph Series. During the episodes, I read a poem from the book focused on a famous guitarist and the duo discuss it and its featured “guitar god,” while Paul weaves in demonstrations of the musician’s distinctive style. And, while you’re exploring “Music Muse,” you’ll find a glittering gallery of photographs of guitars in all their amazing variety.

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