It’s time to dive into poetry.

Below you’ll find links to some of my recently published poems from a variety of journals and presses.  A great way to get a taste of the range of my poetic styles and topics. Then, head to my Books page, and browse my collections. Find one or two and settle in for further good reading. Check back here often—I’ll be adding new listings frequently.

Karla Linn Merrifield Images

Books, from Truth Serum Press





“Avast” — Poem nominated for the 2023 Pushcart Prize

THe Transformative Power of Tattoo

“Of Lightning Bolts and a Palm Tree”

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

“Sonnet of the Owl and the Tortoise”

“From Terminal 12, Brooklyn” (scroll down)


“Litany of that Time of Year, Kent, NY”

Panoply, A Literary Zine


Stella’s Secret Sonata (Pure Slush Books)

“The Secretive Love of the Secret Sonata” – pp 135-139

Achievement (Pure Slush Books)

“#26: Slut Meister”

Achievement (Pure Slush Books)

“#26: Slut Meister”

Audience Askew

“Long Have I Desired a Name with Pigment” – scroll down a few pages


“Coffee Klatsch” – p 34

Le Mot Juste (annual anthology of Just Poets of Rochester)

“#63: Evy, the Genius, and I”- p 34


Gold Recipient Poems: “Spring Diptych: Lessons in Evolution” – p 14

Honeyguide Magazine

Poems: “Born in September” and “The Hatchling”

Quill & Parchment

Poem: “Web of Downstream Drought”

Red Wolf Journal

Poetry Collection: Ars Poetica

Plum Tree Tavern

Poem: “Hope’s Spring” (scroll down a wee bit)

Plum Tree Tavern

Poem: “Pelagic”

Bloom and Blossom

Poems: “I could break into blossom,” and “Both Sides Now”

Plant Your Words Anthology

Poem: “Treespeak”

Feral: A Journal of Poetry and Art

Poem: “The Role of Fog in the Dendrology of Sequoia Sempervirens

Embryo Concepts

Poem: “Mastering”

Suicide, Vol. 2

Poems: “My Three Suicides,” “Collateral Damage,” “Rhetorical Suicide,” and “The Nine Things You Don’t Know About Me” – p 142-143

Lord of the Horizon – A Devotional in Honor of Horus

Poem: “Self-Portrait on the Nile” – p 130

Photos: p 129 and p 155

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review – Growth

Featured Poet Poems: “A Pair of Perennials,”“Botanical Social Call with Konicek-Moran,” and “Three Men and a Woman” (scroll down)

ArtAscent – Journey

Poem: “Diptych: Journeys Through the February Night Sky” – pp 60-61

Red Wolf Journal


“Our Words Began the Imagination” p 43

“Père Lachaise Cemetery Diptych” p 44

“On her annual quest to Taos, JoJo the Poet’s soul” p 45

Quill & Parchment

Poem: “Stalking Revenge on the Tamiami Trail”

The Flying Dodo

Poem: “The Warp” (scroll down)

logo for Embryo Concepts Zine

Embryo Concepts

Poem: “Mastering”

Plum Tree Tavern

Haiku: “We open sheer silk”; and photo: “Canadian Geese Heading South” (scroll down The Haiku 6″ and continue to photo)

Block Party – Sucker

Poem: “Armed and Dangerous, Probably Psychotic” (scroll down the .pdf in alpha order or search “Merrifield”)

Rat’s Ass Review

Poems: “Swansong” and “Towards Pathos” (scroll down through alpha order)

Quill & Parchment

Poem: “The Iris and the Stone”

Red Wolf Journal

Poem: “On her annual quest to Taos, JoJo the Poet’s soul”

Red Wolf Journal

Poem: “Père Lachaise Cemetery Diptych”

Red Wolf Journal

Poem: “Our Words Began the Imagination”

ArtAscent – Portraits

Gold Medal Writer; Poem: “Self-Portrait Triptych”

Chautauqua – “Close Encounters”

Poem: “Okey Dokey, Long Island”

Marriage (Pure Slush)

Poem: “Love in the Age of Dementia”

Our Changing Earth, Vol. 2

Poem: “Monsanto Et Al.”

Deep Overstock – Hacking

Poem: “Extinction by Nerve Strangle”

Young Ravens Literary Review

Poem: “In My Element”

Tipton Poetry Review

Poem: “Life After”

Willows Wept Review

Poem: November Triptych from the Lake” – p 27

Woodlands: Nature Magic, Mystery, Myth

Poem: “Organic Tanka”

Woodlands: Nature Magic, Mystery, Myth

Poem: “First-Name Basis”

Woodlands: Nature, Magic, Mystery, Myth

Poem: “Organic Tanka”

Boats Against the Current

Poem: “The Muse’s Knot”

The Poetry Box LIVE

Poem: “Étude 9-13: O” – at 48:20 mark

Plum Tree Tavern

Poem: “Lamentation” – scroll down

The Flying Dodo

Poem: “#64: Tri-fer”

Snatches of an Area (Music Folio 1)

Poem: “Musestruck”

The Poeming Pigeon: A Journal of Poetry & Art

Poem: “Étude 9-13: O!

Red Wolf Journal – A Change of World

Poems: “Tonight I Wish Of…”, “Holding Patterns,” and “Triptych: On Cinematic Waves” – p 23-26

brass bell: a haiku journal – November

Poems “this hotel room” – scroll down

ArtAscent – Summer

Poems: “Web of Downstream Drought” and “Water Is the Organizing Principle” – p 30-31

brass bell – a haiku journal

Poem: “silverare drawer…” – scroll down

Pure Slush – Marriage

Poem: “Love in the Age of Dementia”

Field Guide Poetry Magazine

Poems: “The Place of Purpose” and “Spies in the county park of plentiful Florida” – p 36-37

Red Wolf Journal

Poem: “Triptych: On Cinematic Waves”

Red Wolf Journal

Poem: “Holding Pattern”

Red Wolf Journal

Poem: “Tonight I Wish Of”

Ashokan Center (Guitar Camp)

Reading excerpt: “Étude 1-31-20: No Flags Flying Physiologically”

Pure Slush – Beekeeping

Poem: “Inexplicable”

Pure Slush – Cow

Poem: “#Green Priestess Music”

ArtAscent – Abstract

Poem: “#60: The Short of It” – 66

brass bell: a haiku journal

Poem: “at the Shinto shrine” (scroll down)

Quill & Parchment

Poem: “Casa Encantada Daydream” (scroll down)

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review – Special Charitable Fundraising – Invasion of Ukraine

Poem: “Peace Movements” (scroll down)




Poem: “Coffee Klatsch” – p 31

Freshwater Literary Journal

Poem: “Overdue”

Work! (Pure Slush)

Poem: “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”

Stone Canoe

Poem: “Elemental Magic”

Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing

Poem: “#59: Evensong Mantra” – p 41

OyeDrum logotype Poems


Poems: “Reality Check” and “To Pieces”

Eastern Iowa Review

Poem: “Bruising”

Oh, F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow

Podcast interview: “Karla Linn Merrifield Interview: Poet. Artist. Musician.”

brass bell

Poem: “moose…”


Article: “Poet Karla Linn Merrifield Touts ArtAscent at Every Turn—’It’s the Respect I’m Granted'”

Panoply, A literary Zind

Poem: “Who Done It”

Miriam’s Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond

Interview with Karla Linn Merrifield

Arts Calling with Jaime Alejandro

Interview with Karla Linn Merrifield

Bookstore1 PoetryMic with Lauren Udwari, Pat Owen and Karla Linn Merrifield

Karla’s Reading and Guitar Performance – Go to 29 minutes

Best of Plum Tree Tavern, 2016 to 2020

Poem: “Nevada Mind” – scroll down

brass bell haiku journal


Poem: “one night…” – scroll down

Quill & Parchment


Poem: “The Iris and the Stone”

The Field Guide Poetry Magazine

Poem: “When in Florida, I Visit the Kingdom of Charmed Lives” – p 49

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review – Humor

Poems: “#: The Gizmo Girl of Shorthand Signifiers” and “¶s and ÷s Together” – scroll down

Deep Overstock – Superheroes

Poems: “Among the Heroic Super-Stars;” :Context is Everything;” and “What would I change in the world if I could?” – scroll down linked page for link to these poems



Poem: “Polar Diptych” (“On the Day of the Polar Vortex” and “The Snowed-In People”) – p 73

Tipton Poetry Journal

Poem: “As My Husband Lies Dying” – p 8

Book Review of My Body the Guitar by Editor Barry Harris – p 51

Red Wolf Journal – A Change of World

Poem: “Bad-Bad to Good”p 26

Lines + Stars

Poem: “Within the Endangered Forest”


Two poems:#4: Riding Low” and “#14:Teaching” – p 67

Kaktus Poetry Playhouse

Zoom Poetry Reading: My Body the Guitar

Quill & Parchment

Review by Michael Escoubas: My Body the Guitar

The Library Love Letter

Poem: “Sunday Afternoon at the Washington County Museum”

The Library Love Letter

Poem: “Crossing #4: Near Death in the Maritimes”

Stories& Poems in the Song of Life (Sweetycat Press)

Poem: “Song Aloft at 35,000 Feet” – p 293-294

brass bell: a haiku journal

Poem: “the beveled…” – scroll down


Poem: “Long Strange Climate Trip” – p 109

Earth’s Daughters – Re/Set

Poem: “Poets of the Resistance Resist” – p 80

Deep Overstock – Shakespeare

Poem: “Parsing #3 – p 71

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

Poem: “Anapolis, May, 1780, at the Cock ‘n Bull” (scroll down quite a ways)

Tipton Poetry Journal

Poem: “How Thin the Tissue Between Past and Present” (p 25)

BlueHouse Journal

Poem: “Vulcanization” (p 49)

Book of Matches

Poem: “#16: A Little (Morning, Noon, and)

Night Music” (p 35)

Panoply, A Literary Zine

Poem: “A Visit from “The Florida Flash”


Poems: “#31: Ad Man” (p 19), “#50: Dys-” (p 20) and “#1: Let Me Call You Sweetheart” (p 69)

ArtAscent – Landscapes

Poem: “Bering Sea Diptych”

The Tangled Feather Blog

Essay: “A Tale of Two Birds”

The Literary Parrot, Series 2

Poem: “Étude 4-23: Embodiment on the Day I Changed Strings for a Second Time”

A Love Letter (or poem) to… (Sweetycat Press)

Poem: “To Kurt Cobain”

LOVE, Lifespan Vol. 4 (Pure Slush Press)

Poem: “Flowery Branch Guy

FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art

Poem: “Diptych: Left Hand, Third Finger

Quill & Parchment

Review: “Images: A Collection of Ekphrastic Poetry by Michael Escoubas

Red Wolf Journal

Poem: “Waking Dream in Alusund, Norway” (p 31)

Last Leaves Magazine

Poem: “The Thing He Used: The Belt” (p 72)

Stone Poetry Journal

Poems: “#14: Buffalo Girl” and “Étude 1-31-20: No Flags Flying Physiologically”

Wilda Morris Poetry Challenge – Books (October 2021)

Poem: “PS 3558 .E85 B76 1988”

bear creek review

Poems: “Warm-Blooded,” “From the Souk,” “Sea Night,” and “Inspirited”

Red Wolf Journal (Fall 2021)

Poem: “Waking Dream in Alesund, Norway” (p 31)

Tiny Seed – Anthology Forest

Poem: “Amazon Appendix” (p 27)

The Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

Poems: “Ritual Illuminated” and “Visitation” (scroll down)

ArtAscent – Connection

Gold Award-winning Poem – Essay by Cinzia Franceschini (p 12)

Poem: “Diptych: Ultimate Connectivity” (p 13)


Three poems: “Avian Rainbow through Binoculars, “‘Adaptability”: Lessons from Costa Rica,” and
Plastidon inexpectatus in Six Mile Cypress Slough” (pp 3-4)

Panoply, A Literary Zine

List of contributors: Karla Linn Merrifield, three poems in six years

The Literary Corner with Dustin Pickering

Interview: Karla Linn Merrifield’s Literary Voyages and Writing Styles

25 Miles from Here (Pure Slush)

Poem: “Sorting Souvenirs” (p 14)

Friendship, Lifespan Vol. 3 (Pure Slush)

Poem: “Cameo Self-Portrait: Boom, Boom, Boom” (p 83)

Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine

Poems: “The Fourteen Stations of Grief” and “Existentially” (p 22)

The Parliament Literary Journal

Poems: “#41 & #42 at the Hearing,” and “Dirty Business”

Miriam’s Well: Poetry, Land Art and Beyond

Poem: Three climate-change haiku

ArtAscent, “Abstract”

Poem: “Diptych from the Lake” (pg 89)

Guts Publishing Blog

Essay: “Loquacious Note in a Bottle from Inspiration Island”

In Parenthesis – Green

Poems: “”Existentially,”; “Do You Recall the Exact Coordinates where You Can See All the Colors of the Most Demanding Question Marks?”; “Out on Some Green Limbs”; and “But for the Falling Rain”

Deep Overstock – Future

Poems: “In the Cards” and “Lost in Space”

Quill and Parchment

Poem: “Forgotten Coast Reverie”

The Pangolin

Poem: “Wardrobe Mistress” (scroll to K entries)

image for Songs of Eretz logo

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

Poems: “How to Lose My Love” and “Arc” (scroll down)


Poem: “Triptych: Dispatches from Florida’s Winter – see page 43.

Tipton Poetry Journal

Poem: “Off the Grid but Never Out of Tunes – see page 46.

Cirque Journal

Poem: “Nightmare Rainbow” – see page 128.


Poem: “To the Kingdom Within” – see page 4.

Rundelania logotype


Five poems: “Clapton Is God?”, “Diptych: Left Hand, Third Finger”, “In Concert Tuned”, “Departing the Station after Four Seasons of Grief”, “Coming Up for Air, Idea 2”

Mason Street logotype

Mason Street Review

“’Tis the Season”

logo for pangolin review

The Pangolin Review, Issue 18
30 April, 2021

“November Seeds”

Deep Overstock logo

Deep Overstock, Issue Twelve: Mysteries
April 2021

“One Thing I Won’t Forget”

And, if you’d like to listen to my reading of the poem:

image for Songs of Eretz logo

The Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

Two Poems: “Quartet in Late Spring” and “Spring-Abled”


A Celebration of Winter: Poetry, Prose and Photography that Celebrate the Glory of Winter (anthology)

Two Poems: “The Cove” (pg. 46) and “Four Days after Science Broke the News” (pg. 79)